The Next Indonesia Corner

Indonesia Corner or Indonesia Study Center to be established is an institution to accommodate a wide range of information provision, the activities of cooperation in various sectors, as well as other activities that contribute to both parties. These activities are expected to be beneficial to both countries, Indonesia and partner country.

Indonesian Corner try to provide access to current, accurate and reliable information about the political, economic, cultural, educational and social life in Indonesia through a collection of books, magazines and CD-ROMs, DVDs and access to internet and online databases, and through local programming to the general public in the country who has the representative of it. At the moment there are three Indonesia Corners are located at host institutions throughout the countries in Europa. There are in: Uzbekistan (World Language Tashkent and East Language Study - Tashkent), Samarkand (Samarkand Foreign Language Institute). The Next Indonesia Corner will be open in Novi Sad-Serbia.