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Sundanese cuisine is the cuisine of Sundanese people in West Java, Indonesia. It is among one of the most popular food in Indonesia. Sundanese food has a freshness characteristic of the material, the famous salad eaten with sambal and also Karedok demonstrate the Sundanese fondness towards fresh raw vegetables. Unlike the Minangkabau dishes are rich in flavor and spicy with curry paste and coconut milk contains a thick, Sundanese cuisine featuring flavors are light, simple, and clear; ranged from savory salty, fresh sour, lightly sweet, and spicy.


Accompanying spice chili paste is most prevalent in Sundanese dish, eaten with lalab or fried tofu and tempeh. Vegetable tamarind sauce spiced with tamarind is probably the most popular vegetable in the dish Sunda. Another popular type of vegetable is Soto Bandung, a kind of soup with sliced ​​beef and horseradish, and shake noodles, a type of noodles with beef and kikil.


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Picture from Riung Sari Restaurant, Jakarta