Travel Highlight in Indonesia

Hiking the challenging mountain of Indonesia Ring of Fire, Diving and Snorkeling between the Coral Reef, joint the Batik Workshop, Shopping to supermall and the traditional market and lots more. There are an endless number of unique things to see and do in Indonesia.

Raja Ampat : the beauty at its finest

Posted at 29 Sep 2014

Raja Ampat casts a spell on all who visit – scientists, photographers, novice divers and crusty sea-salts alike. This group of majestic islands, located in the northwestern tip of Indonesia’s Papuan “Bird’s Head Seascape,” lies in the heart of the coral triangle, the most bio-diverse marine region on earth.


Ujung Kulon National Park : A Jewel In The Tip of Java

Posted at 30 Sep 2014

Ujung Kulon National Park is situated in rhe westernmost tip of Java, within Banten province of Indonesia. The park covers an area of 1206 km2, most of which lies on a peninsula reaching into the Indian Ocean. It includes the volcanic island group of Krakaota and other islands including Panaita n, as well as smaller offshore islets such as Handeuleum and Peucang on the Sunda Strait.