Attraction in Indonesia

Indonesia consists of an entire 300 ethnic groups, spread over a 1.8 million kmĀ² area of 6,000 inhabited islands. This creates a cultural diversity, further compounded by Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic and European colonialist influences. In Bali, where most of Indonesian Hindus live, cultural and religious festivals with Balinese dance-drama performances in Balinese temples are major attractions to foreign tourists. These kind of attractions exist all over Indonesia and become the highlights your visit to Indonesia.

Travel Highlights

Hiking the challenging mountain of Indonesia Ring of Fire, Diving and Snorkeling between the Coral Reef, joint the Batik Workshop, Shopping to supermall and the traditional market and lots more...


Indonesia events can range from the sublime to the ridiculous, like a festival day of silence and contemplation, just past, that was preceeded by a night of chasing away evil spirits by parading big ugly monsters and then burning them...