Indonesian Language and Culture Learning

  • Accommodating the deployment of guest lecturers from Indonesia to become consultants and lecturers of BIPA (Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers) and Indonesian culture in partner country with the cost of the Indonesian government and Universitas Gunadarma. Lecturers are expected to provide consultation for the preparation of learning tools such as curriculum, syllabus, teaching materials, evaluative instruments, and instructional media of BIPA and Indonesian culture.
  • Organizing various seminars, trainings, or workshops of BIPA learning to improve the quality of BIPA teachers in partner country. The activities may be conducted in partner country or in Indonesia.
  • Ensuring the shipping of books and instructional media of BIPA learning that are needed for both universities in partner country which provide Indonesian majors or courses in the Indonesian Embassy.
  • Pursuing the scholarships for bachelor, master, and doctoral levels of education to Indonesian language teachers and candidate teachers in partner country with financial support from the Indonesian government, Indonesian universities, or other institutions.
  • Seeking financial support for the development of the Indonesian language learning tools such as language laboratory equipments, construction of the classrooms, or other learning devices.