Steps in establishing Indonesia Corner

  1. The host establish the Cooperation Agreement to host the Indonesia corner.
  2. The host provides a room with furniture, also equipped with computer and multimedia facilities (TV, LCD viewer etc). The host can also provide the access to the classroom for the language course.
  3. The funding will be transferred from Universitas Gunadarma to the host.
  4. The learning learning materials, information and decoration materials for the Indonesia Corner will be send or brought by Universitas Gunadarma.
  5. An opening ceremony of Indonesia Corner is held to promote the Indonesia corner to public. The delegation from Univeristas Gunadarma lead by the Rector will attend the opening ceremony.
  6. Universitas Gunadarma also organizes visiting lecturers as well as students who create the activities in Indonesia Corner. Universitas Gunadarma also supports the local people who can teach Indonesia language in local language or English