INACOR's Programs and Services

  1. We invite some Indonesian expert to speak about Indonesia from different aspects in some occasion as we visit our Indonesian Corner in our partner institution.
  2. Hold a Joint Collaboration Conference with our partner institutions and l ocal scholars
  3. Visiting Indonesian scholar who studied in the country where our partner reside is.
  4. Hold a talk show in which the local scholars could give talks on both partner countries and Indonesian topics
  5. Exhibit variety of information that illustrate the diversity of Indonesian culture and society including variety art and craft which traditionally produced in Indonesia
  6. Educational advising on study opportunities in the Indonesia
  7. Bahasa Indonesia teaching and learning activities with Local Language Fellow or a number of language centers of host universities
  8. Online seminars using web conferencing or digital video conferencing capabilities
  9. Film viewing followed by a group discussion
  10. Observation of Indonesian national and local holidays/ceremonials
  11. Regular meetings, discussions attended by students, lecturers, and/or general public

To receive information of the Indonesian Corner’s regular programs or to participate in any of the programs, please contact us via email